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Coin Price 24h % Slogan Collection Phase#2 Is ONGOING

2018-08-08 15:41:28Read:327685

Thanks for your participation in Phase #1. We are appreciated that many of you have provided great ideas of slogans. We have selected 10 English slogans and 10 Chinese slogans from Phase #1 to entering Phase #2 - public vote.

1.Time: Aug 08 - Aug 15

(1). Select Top 3 slogans in your mind from the English and Chinese slogans.

(2). Each one can vote for English and Chinese once.

(3). Vote by completing:

3. Rewards:
Top 3 (6 in total) will share 300 XTZ airdrop.

Notice: All submissions in this activity automatically agree to be used in future promotions (including posters, websites, and social medias etc.). Once the submitted slogans that are not selected this time being used in the future, the participants will get rewards as well. Only KYC users can join the activity and get reward.

* hold the final explanation right of this activity. is dedicated to providing fast and secure blockchain asset trading services to traders.

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Aug 08,2018