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Coin Price 24h % VIP Give-away Within Limited Time!

2018-08-09 11:52:55Read:412275

To thank all traders for your support, holds this activity for our existing and new-registered traders.

Time: (UTC ) 00:00 2018/08/09 - 16:00 2018/08/31

1. Referring To Win VIP-4

· Rules:

(1) Register, and share your exclusive QR code and the " VIP Give-Away" activity on any of your social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), and invite your friends to register
· You can find your exclusive QR code on the right top of APP.

(2) Refer to your friends and enjoy 30% commission rebate from your friends transaction fees. Invited user will enjoy 10% off transaction fees for 1 year.
·Click for more details of referral program: Get 30% Commission By Referring to Your Friends

(3) Reward: Between (UTC ) 00:00 2018/08/09 - 16:00 2018/08/31, by sharing the exclusive QR code, the top 100 who invite the most new traders will get reward of VIP-4 for two months.

2. Special Reward for New Registered Traders

(1) Rules: Traders register after 2018/08/09 00:00 (UTC), having passed KYC 1 and KYC 2, and share this activity on any of your social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

(2) Reward: Complete: and your will get VIP-3 for two months.

(3) Click for more information of VIP levels:

* holds the final explanation right of this activity. is dedicated to providing fast and secure blockchain asset trading services to traders.

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Aug 09,2018