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How to Participate in Point Purchase

2019-04-09 17:02:57Read:26337

1.From 4-6 am UTC, you can place order for point purchase.

Go to website and log in your account. On homepage, click GT Reward tab to access to Point Purchase page.

2. On Point Purchase page, you may choose a plan and click Place Order button.

3. On the Place Order page, you may choose plans and set the plan quantity. 10 is the maximum quantity for a given plan.

4. Read and accept the Point Purchase agreement and hit Place Order button.

5. After successfully submitting your order, you will see a message” Order queued “ . At the bottom of the page, you can also see your order in Pending status.

6. You may check your received point and GT after 8 am UTC by accessing to Wallet > Point page. Or by going to My Billing Details.

Please note:

1. you may only get a portion of your ordered point and you only pay for that portion.

2. You need to keep your available balance larger than point purchase order until 8 am UTC. Otherwise, the order will become invalid order.

3. For each support crypto-currency, you can use it to place one order only each day.