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Our Chief Marketing Officer, Marie Tatibouet, was invited to speak at the World Blockchain Forum in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands Conference Center as well as attend the Awards Ceremony.

With experts from the banking sector and other cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as digital finance gurus, the panel discussion explored what the digital finance industry will look like in the years to come and how blockchain and traditional financial companies will be brought to work together.

Marie Tatibouet says: “It was a really interesting discussion. With the upcoming launch of Facebook’s Libra in 2020 and all of the regulatory decisions that are to be made this year, there will be a lot of changes in the industry. Meeting and discussing these changes and their outcomes aren’t just a way to predict the future, but also the way in which we shape it.”

The World Blockchain Forum also hosted an exclusive awards ceremony, where won its “Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchanges” Award.

Upon accepting the reward for the entire team on June 22nd, Marie Tatibouet said:

“We are so proud to have won this award today. The Gate team, and in particular our technical team, have been working really hard to put the security of the platform and our users first. Security, transparency and honor are our core values, and that always comes out in everything we do. Being able to achieve Top 10 Cryptocurrency Exchange status without compromising our values means everything to us, and we are looking forward to keeping that up!”.

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June 24, 2019

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