Coin Price 24h % Establishes Bug Bounty Program and Ranks Second on Exchange Cybersecurity

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As one of the world’s oldest and most popular platforms, understands the importance of crypto asset security and has always put our users’ asset security first. We have invested a considerable amount of funds and resources, including creating the GT Law and Safety fund, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, to secure our users’ assets with both centralized and decentralized solutions (Gatechain Security solutions).

Our efforts have paid off. According to the recent assessment “Top-100 Exchange by Cybersecurity Score” conducted by the CER Team in July 2019, ranks second and is certified as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Check out the report at:

In order to optimize the security of, and to leverage the power of the world’s top technology community, we hereby introduce the Bug Bounty Program. Experienced security experts are welcome to provide security advice and vulnerability analysis to

Please submit your feedback to: [email protected]

Once the feedback is received, our staff will uate the security issue and conduct risk assessment based on four different levels. The first person who reports the security issue will be rewarded with BTC. The tentative risk rankings and rewards are as follows:
Serious: 0.3-1 BTC
High Risk: 0.1-0.3BTC
Medium Risk: 0.05-0.1BTC
Low Risk: 0-0.05BTC

To avoid duplications, only the first reporter will obtain the bounty reward. We will not be able to provide rewards for known security issues submitted by others and we will also reply to those feedbacks.

When users’ assets security are compromised, the GT Law and Safety Fund is here to provide users with global legal assistance, by offering legal advice and subsidizing part of the judicial fees. will also cooperate with the judiciary to collect evidence. Please note that respects and protects the privacy of every user and complies with local laws and regulations. Users have no access to other users’ information no matter the reason. To retrieve users’ information as evidence, requires direct contact and judicial certificate or court decision provided by the local judicial authorities. For legal assistance, please also contact: [email protected] is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with a 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.

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July 23, 2019