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To improve users’ trading experiences, has released the newest version of its Android app (2.6.3 beta). It includes the following:

An improved “Crypto Space” feature, through which users can share their moments with other users, follow other users, check their followers and following, and search for user nicknames.
An added “sub-scrip-tion” feature, encouraging users to share original high-quality posts to attract followers to pay to subscribe.
An added function in “contract position” to place stop orders, and place buy-and-sell open orders.
An added index tab and K-line in “Market Page” to check market movements.
An added “Market Settings” section on the left side of the menu to set start-end time for price limit
An improved “Talk to The Streamers” feature for users to speak to streamers, etc. will continue to provide users with professional and high-quality services, so please stay tuned!

Download it now at: (existing users should update to the beta version from the left side menu, new users update after downloading the app)

Scan and download at:

Please note that if the interface of the app crashes after upgrading from the old version, users should delete the old version and re-install the app to get the latest version.

What’s New

Crypto Space

1. Added sections such as public posts, “hot” and following; users can view what they need.
2. Added a “follow” feature; users can follow and unfollow others in Crypto Space, at detail page or in My Profile.
3. Added “followers and following” section which allows users to view others’ information.
4. Added “searching posts” feature which allows users to search for user nicknames


1. Users can categorize their posts and make their posts visible to everyone or only to selected users
2. Added “manage your sub-scrip-tion” section; pay-to-subscribe is only available for VIP3 and above
3. Added “creation center” for users to check their subscribers and GT received history.
4. Added “my sub-scrip-tion” for users to check their sub-scrip-tions and purchase history.
5. Added “posts of your sub-scrip-tions” in Crypto Space
6. Users can choose to automatically pay to renew their sub-scrip-tions or cancel automatic renewal.

1. Users can sell in the “contract position” section, choosing limit price or market price.
2. Users can place stop orders in the“contract position” section, and place buy and sell open orders.

Market Page
1. Added “index” in “market” section which allows users to check index anytime
2. Added “K-line” for users to check price movements at anytime

1. Added “market settings” section for users to set start-end time for price limit, allowing for a 24-hour clock, UTC+0, and UTC+8.
2. Users will be directed to the streamer’s profile by tapping on streamers’ profile photo during Livestreams
3. Added “Sharing” feature for streamers
4. Fixed the bug for the on-screen keyboard issue when clicking the h5 input field.

New interface of Crypto Space: public posts, “hot” and follow

Feature of “follow”

Feature of “sub-scrip-tion”

Added “Index” and “K-line”

Time setting for price limit

Users will be directed to the streamer’s profile by tapping on streamers’ profile photo is a trading platform that does not charge listing fees, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guaranteed and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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April 29, 2020

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