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AMA Announcement of ARAGON

2020-09-02 18:06:23Read:12865

For our users to become even better accustomed to new projects we have listed or IEOs we have hosted, we are hosting AMAs on a regular basis. In a world where governance is king, Aragon is a serious player. If you are interested to hear why Chris Burniske, Brian Armstrong and Tim Draper have their own modest bag of ANT, we definitely recommend you tune in and listen to our AMA tomorrow with the utive director of ARAGON, Luis Cuende. From community voting to treasury management to organization ownership, and contributor payroll, Aragon has built a wide variety of governance tools; allowing you to create DAOs on the go. As this is one of the "oldest" projects on the block the AMA promises to be fun but above all super interesting. The eco around ANT is enormous and requires some elaboration. Have your questions ready and see you tomorrow!

03/09/2020, at 09:30 AM UTC


Introduction to ARAGON

Aragon is a decentralized app (dApp) on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create and manage a decentralized organization. The project is open source and led by the Aragon Foundation. It also includes a token, ANT, that grants voting rights to make decisions about the direction of future development. Eventually, the team hopes the project to be a fully decentralized autonomous organization and dApp that’s a neutral jurisdiction for anyone to create an organization on the blockchain.

Traditional organizations have a significant budget for overhead and administrative functions. In addition, when they transact with other organizations, fees, delays, and middlemen can pile up. This increases friction on the overall economy. Aragon’s vision is removing that friction with decentralized organizations that operate on a shared platform.

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September 2nd, 2020
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