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How to trade with Perpetual Contract? (Video)

Level up with Perpetual Contracts for high returns (Video) 1. Transfer funds to Perpetual Contract Account Step 1 On homepage, click on Contracts tab and select Perpetual Contract in the drop-list. Step 2 On the left panel of a perpetual contract page, click F...

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About Perpetual Contract

1.Perpetual Contract Perpetual contract is an innovative derivative. Unlike a traditional future, it has no expiration date.It uses a peer-to-peer funding exchange mechanism and fair price marking method to make its price close to underlying reference Index Price. Your maximum l...

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Perpetual Contract Trading Fees uses a Maker-taker fee schedule, where taker pays a trading fee and maker receive a trading fee as a reward. That is to say, trading fee is only charged when you are a taker. Trading fee Maker : -0.025% Taker : 0.075% Further discount using Point If you have...

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