now supports MatrixAI mainnet and ERC20 token swap will swap the MatrixAI(MAN) ERC-20 asset to the mainnet token for all users. Please deposit ERC-20 MAN to and you will get swapped. Now supports both the ERC-20 and the mainnet MAN assets deposit and withdrawal. Deposit MAN at
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Long-term support for MAN,SWH,CS and LYM on

After evaluation, we have decided to move MAN, SWH, CS and LYM from the limited time trading region to our main trading region for long-term support. At the same time, the USDT markets are added for all of them. 1) CS (Credits) Deposit CS at
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Decentralland(MANA) is listed on

MANA is the ERC20 token of Decentraland.  Decentraland MANA is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Users can create, experience, and monetize content and applications.  Check the details at the official website: Deposit MANA at...
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