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Instruction of Margin Trading and Peer-to-peer Financing

1. The maximum amount of digital coin a user can borrow depends on allowed leverage factor, user’s tier and other factors. Currently, a leverage of 3 is allowed, meaning if you have 100 BTC as margin in your margin account, you can borrow up to 200 BTC.

Maximum Borrow-able=(Total assets-borrowed-outstanding interests) X(Leverage Factor-1 ) - Borrowed

2.The borrowed token should be paid before or on due date(loan duration:10/20/30 days) of the loan. If overdue, your asset is automatically in custody of Moreover, will close your position to pay for the outstanding loan when necessary.

3.The fees are calculated from the time you borrow in. 24 hours constitute a day. If the loan duration is less than 24 hours, it will be deemed as a day. If more than 24 hours, the remaining part that is less than 24 hours is deemed as a new day.

Interest=borrowed token X Interest Rate X Days

4. provides risk management for users who enter into margin trading by monitoring their margin trading accounts and controlling risks.

5.when the risk rate of your margin trading account is below 130%, you may receive a risk warning message via sms or email.Please control the risks.

6. When the risk rate of your margin trading account drops to 110%, a forced liquidation is triggered and your asset will be force sold or bought at orders available on the market to pay off the loan.

7.After forced liquidation, does not pay for the loan not due for you. You can still engage in margin trading by adding more margin. If you fail to pay for loans on due date, closing position will be triggered to auto- pay the loan.

8.You agree that margin trading may incur interests and other fees and agree to pay for the fees according to instructions. Trading fee for margin trading is the same as spot trading.

9.If you make a profit from margin trading, you can transfer assets from margin trading account in advance. If you have unpaid loan, you cannot transfer asset more than the maximum asset you can transfer.

10. To enter into margin trading, you should fully understand the high risks of trading and investing in digital assets and the high risks of leveraged trading. Always act with cautions and do not invest in funds that above your financial abilities.

11. The borrowers have the right to repay loan in advance. The loan duration is subject to actual loan term, from the time being borrowed to the time the loan is repaid. takes a fee of 18% from interests you earn for a loan when the loan(principal and interests) is repaid.

13. You agree that all your investing actions on are your own willingness and you fully accept the potential risks and gains such investment decisions incur.

14 reserve the rights of final interpretation of this Instruction

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