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How to Margin Trade (video)

Use the margin trading functionality for high risk & high rewards (Video)

1. Login account, click Margin Trading, then click Margin to enter Margin Trading page.

2. Select trading pair from the left column to enter corresponding trading page.

3. Long or Short.

3.1 Select to do long, input price and amount, click BUY(LONG).

3.2 Select to do short, input price and amount, click SELL(SHORT).

4. If the order is successfully placed, you can review it in My Orders or My Trades.


1.When price moves up, going long is profitable.

2.When price moves down, going short is profitable.

3.In margin trading, the earnings can be magnified if your prediction moves in the same direction as the market moves; However, your losses can be increased correspondingly if your predictions move opposite to the market’s. Please uate risk carefully when participating in margin trading.