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Announcement to participants who filed on Gate.io APP upgrade questionnaire, and rewards!

2021-10-22 09:50:28 UTCRead:166346

In order to further enhance the experience of using the Gate.io App, Gate.io now is launching rewards for questionnaires filled out regarding users' experiences. We are glad to invite all users to join this event to give us your feedback to earn rewards!

How it works ?

Users that find any bugs, freezes or experience other technical issues can submit suggestions. Upload screenshots or screen recording, etc and give a brief deion of the issues. Participants can submit multiple forms to win rewards. Participants may receive tokens worth up to 100 USDT.
To participate, fill out the form with your feedback.
We need your time and feedback to improve our APP.
Duration: Ongoing until October 31 2021 23:59

questionnarie link: https://www.gate.io/en/questionnaire/951?ch=formimprove

Our reviews all submissions. Participants can win tokens worth up to $100 USDT per submission. Submissions are uated and rewards will be distributed.
Rewards Criteria:
Selection is based on the quality of the following conditions. Completing all tasks will result in a better chance of earning rewards:

1: Upload a screenshot that visually shows the problem you found and describe it in specific details.
2: Upload a short video that reflects the issue that occurs when using the APP and describe the specific details.
3: Provide effective solutions for the problems you found using Gate.io APP (in less than 20 words)
4: Clearly express optimization suggestions with reference value ( in less than 20 words)

1:All data is subjected to the Gate.io database.
2:One user per KYC account may participate in the activity, and the same user can submit multiple submissions to earn rewards according to submission quality;
3: If the same issue is found by multiple users, the user who gives an accurate deion will be adopted first.
4:The rewards for this event will be issued in the form of equivalent tokens, and will be issued to the wallet account within 14 working days after the event ends, and can be viewed at “My Finance” - “Billings”.

Gate.io reserves the right of the final interpretation. If you have any questions, please contact online customer service.

Senario: Ray submitted a total of three bugs found in the Gate.io App and provided solutions. He submits three screenshots and provides suggestions for each issue towards APP improvements. Because Ray gave his three submissions and suggestions were adopted, we will reward Ray to earn up to 300 USDT.

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Gate.io Team
Oct 22nd

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