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Regarding Net Asset Value Deviation of FIL Leveraged ETF 

2020-10-16 16:50:28Read:17883 has added support for FIL leveraged ETFs, FIL3Land FIL3S, on October 16th, 3:00 AM UTC.

The ETF product is managed and hedged in the perpetual contract market. At spot trading market, we display the real time net asset value (NAV) for an ETF strictly following the published product specifications. Due to its leveraged nature, index price of the perpetual contract market should be included when calculating an ETF’s NAV. During 7:52-8:18 UTC, October 16th, 2020, the two FIL ETFs displayed deviated NAVs as the FIL perpetual contract price saw a large deviation from that on spot markets of main stream exchanges. The issue has been fixed already. If you were affected users, please contact us. We will compensate for the price difference for your sale or purchase during that period..

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About Leveraged ETF

The leveraged ETF product re-balances to 3X leverage every day following profit and loss. Profit will be used to expand the position while the loss will lead to decrease the position.
When trading with ETFs, you do not have to pay margin, you can simply buy and sell it to enjoy leveraged exposure. ETF products are managed and hedged in the perpetual contract market. We charge 0.1% management fee daily to compensate for the funding payment and trading fee which is incurred at perpetual contract markets. No extra funding fee is charged. By optimizing the fund management, the cost and risks for you to get leveraged exposure are significantly reduced.
Please note, 3X leveraged ETF does not mean that the price should be 3 times of the underlying coin. The ETF price is related to its profit and loss following the market price changes. Please pay attention to the net value displaying to you when trading. Leveraged ETFs are highly volatile and are of high risk. Please trade within your financial capacity.

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October 15th, 2020

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