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Gate.io’s $30,000 Relief Fund For Turkey Wildfires Receives Overwhelming Support

2021-09-17 07:34:56Read:11037

On August 3, Gate.io announced a $30,000 relief effort for combating wildfires in Turkey. The announcement received overwhelming support from users and netizens, with nearly 1000 people responding and willing to contribute. In the end, Gate.io commissioned nine local volunteers to procure and distribute relief supplies.

After a strict vetting process, Gate.io commissioned nine local volunteers to procure and distribute relief supplies. The volunteer list, information, and budget were announced on August 6 on Gate.io.

On behalf of Gate.io, the volunteers were responsible for the following three main tasks:

1. Purchase and deliver relief supplies.

2. Report back their work progress back to Gate.io.

3. Their actions are to be shared via social media platforms to ensure transparency and clarity.

By September 2, all volunteers completed their assignments successfully and submitted their receipts and social media records. You can check the information here.

Through swift and decisive action, our volunteers provided several generators, water trucks, fireproof gloves, socks, and jackets kits to several survivors and more than 100 firefighters. A dozen families whose houses were burned in the fire received the donated goods and furniture. Our volunteers also reached out to animal shelters in the affected area and helped >200 animals find food and homes.

Here is what one of our volunteers, Efe Bulduck had to say. Note that the original tweet is in Turkish.

“Good morning everyone and good weekend,

As you know, while the forests of our country were burning, we entered into a solidarity as the Turkish finance and crypto money community.

I would like to thank Gate.io exchange, which I did not have the opportunity to thank during the hustle and bustle on the field, for their contributions.

Some social media influencers also mentioned our relief plan on their platforms such as:

1. Crypto Youtuber “Kripto Emre,” mentioned the Turkish wildfire and thanked Gate.io 1:41 mins into this video.

2. Eren Caner - the founder of Kripto Sozluk - thanked Gate.io on Twitter.

Turkey has suffered greatly from the wildfires. Gate.io is privileged that we could do at least something on our part to help our Turkish friends. However, the primary focus should be on the nine amazing people who stepped up to help their countrymen in need. Thank you very much Ali Eren, Efe Bulduk, Gökhan Yağlıdere, Hasan Hüseyin Şensoy, Hüseyin Yüksel, Askin Sozer, Krypto Kurdu, Kaytek Özgül, and Sumeyye Aktürk.

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Gate.io Team

Sep 17, 2021

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