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27 July

DOGE-1 Mission To The Moon!!! - Dogecoin | DOGE |

Intro Dogecoin is an open-source P2P cryptocurrency with the mascot of the world-loved meme, Shiba Inu. Dogecoin is a project created in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Dogecoin was created by hard forking Lucky Coin, which was hard forked from Litecoin. Therefore, at first the minin...



27 July Quantitative Column: What is the magical effect of the backtest function?

By Gate. io Observer Jacky.S In the cryptocurrency trading market, back-testing can be simply understood as our "retest" of past trading strategies. It is a valuable experience in user trading activities and a key step in optimizing investment strategies. Considerable income is th...



26 July Quantitative Column:Teach you how to play the contract grid by hand without fear of bulls and bears in quantitative trading

Author: Frank Yin, Special Trader of The article will start with the concept of contract grid, comparing and analyzing spot grids and contracts to help everyone better understand the product features, advantages and disadvantages, and best application scenarios of contract grids....



23 July Weekly Newsletter: Launched Liquidity Mining with Mega Rewards_ the Big Three Bitcoin Giants Gather in “The ₿ Word” Summit

Gazer. C & Charles. F ( Researchers) Important Announcement of has launched liquidity mining recently, aiming to provide flexible financing products with higher expected profits for our users during low volatility. Participants can obtain extra time-limited bonuses...



22 July Observation: IDEG Partners: Five Trends and Three Investment Strategies for Cryptocurrency in the Next Four Years

Industry overview and trends If we look at the market value, we will find that the encrypted digital currency market has developed into a trillion-level market. But how big is it? Let us compare it with other macro assets and financial markets. Picture 1: C...



21 July

Blockchain Version Pokemon - | Axie Infinity |

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game inspired by Pokemon. In this game, the player can collect and raise digital pets. These cute digital pets we call Axies. Axies is an NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can purchase Axies on the Marketplace. In addition, players can trade in any open mark...



19 July Weekly Newsletter: New Upgrade Quantitative Copy Trading Goes Live, Tightened Regulatory _ and Unlocking Grayscale Fund Position May Trigger Another Downturn in Coin Prices

Author:Gazer ( Researcher) Important Announcement of In order to help users to realize quantitative trading of digital assets more easily, Quantitative Trading Center has been upgraded to “Quantitative Copy Trading” with new upgraded functions and pages. Strategy...



19 July

Science: From Market Maker to Liquidity Mining, How Important is Liquidity?

Arthur: researcher Edward H. Abstract:The term liquidity mining has stepped into the limelight since DeFi exploded in the summer of 2020. This term did not arise out of nowhere, but is derived from traditional financial concepts such as market maker and liquidity. In this paper, I wil...



19 July

Bitcoin New Upgrade: Taproot

In November 2021, Bitcoin's New Upgrade: Taproot Is Coming. Taproot refers to the straight root of a plant. With this upgrade, Bitcoin is expected to become more solid as the root of this market. Taproot includes BIP-0340, 0341, 0342. This software fork is a Softfork. Unlike a Hardfork, a Softfork i...



19 July Observation: If you Missed BTC, Do not Miss Out on NFT and the Meta Universe

Author: Researcher Hannah.H Liu Xinci, the author of the famous science fiction novel "The Three-Body", once said that, as humans, we have two paths towards the future: one outward, leading to the sea of stars in outer space, and another one inward, leading to virtual reali...


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